Nathan Zaidman, Dr. Scott O’Grady’s Advisee, Chosen for AJP-Cell Physiology Paper of the Year

Congratulations to Nathan Zaidman and his advisor Dr. Scott O’Grady for being selected for “Paper of the Year” by AJP-Cell Physiology.

In recent years, AJP-Cell Physiology began an initiative to select a “Paper of the Year” with the goal of recognizing research contributions made by young researchers at the start of their careers.  This year’s selection was made from papers published in 2016 that received high priority ratings from reviewers, and which have a post-graduate or post-doctoral researcher as a single first author. The selection was carried out through several rounds of voting by the Associate Editors. The first author of the winning paper receives a prize and a certificate is given for the paper as a whole.

Nathan’s paper, “Differentiation of human bronchial epithelial cells: roles of hydrocortisone in development of ion transport pathways involved in mucociliary clearance” will be awarded he AJP-Cell Physiology Paper of the Year for 2016. The Associate Editors noted, “The scientific excellence and interest of the study was much appreciated, also that this original research was carried out by a small number of authors.”

The Journal will announce the award formally at the start of the AJP-Cell sponsored Symposium at the EB 2017 conference in Chicago. This Symposium will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 25th April 2017.

Many congratulations to Nathan, Dr. O’Grady’s laboratory team and Dr. O’Grady!