Marta Ferrandis Vila

Marta Ferrandis Vila is pursuing a Master's degree in Animal Science under the advisement of Dr. Milena Saqui-Salces. Her research focuses on effects of fiber on the immune system in pigs; specifically to characterize the immune profile induced by different sources of fiber with different chemical and physical characteristics. As a part of her research, Marta is also involved in helping setting an organoid model to use as In Vitro model of normal and pathological gastrointestinal physiology in swine.

Marta grew up in a small town in Valencia, Spain. In 2012 she earned her Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. After graduation, she decided to participate in the U of M's MAST program, and in March 2013 she moved to Newton, WI, and became a student trainee at a large dairy farm helping with their elite cattle. In 2014 she came to the Twin Cities for the first time and stayed working as lab assistant for a year before becoming a grad student.

Marta enjoys going to the theater, listening to music and baking all sort of “sweet goodies”. She also loves to play videogames and is a big Marvel fan. Additionally, she has a big interest in learning languages as well as traveling.

As for future plans, she will be moving to Germany in June and is considering pursuing a PhD to complete her education.