PhD Student Michaela Trudeau Presents at “9 Billion and Counting”

This past Monday, October 17, 2016, Animal Science PhD student Michaela Trudeau presented alongside food industry leaders and University of Minnesota food and agricultural scientists at the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences’ “9 Billion and Counting”. The event focused on discussions with global food experts including a keynote address by 2016 World Food Prize Laureate Jan Low from the International Potato Center.

Truedeau recently completed a masters program at the University of Minnesota in swine nutrition with continued research in Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus and other swine coronavirus survivability in feed and feed ingredients. In addition to the PEDV research, Mickie traveled to the Norwegian University of Life Sciences where she spent a few months assisting in a project evaluating the use of rapeseed in the Norwegian swine diet. She is currently transitioning into a PhD program at the University of Minnesota under Drs. Gerald Shurson and Pedro Urriola. Her project will focus on investigating the use of antibiotics in swine production systems.

Trudeau and eight other CFANS Global Security Impacts speakers each gave a five minute presentation of their area of expertise and research related to global food security. Topics ranged from using big data to improve crop performance to enhancing soil fertility through microbial processes. Trudeau focused on myths surrounding animal agriculture.

“The problems and solutions that we are facing are complex,” says Trudeau. “This is not something that’s going to fit neatly into a headline. There are lots of pieces to take into account with global sustainability. Animal agriculture is an important piece to feeding the world.”

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