Graduate Students take on Skijoring

Graduate students Devan Catalano (skier) and Michelle DeBoer (rider) recently competed in a skijoring competition at Canterbury Racetrack with Michelle's horse, Mollie. Skijoring is a timed event in which a horse pulls a skier up to 40 mph while the skier has to complete obstacles. The event is scored based on time, with time penalties given when an obstacle is not performed correctly. The event was divided into 4 categories, novice, youth, snowboarding, and open. Michelle and Devan competed in the novice class with goals to:  1. Not end up in the hospital 2. Get a cool photo and 3. Get into the finals (top ten of each division). Not only did they achieve all of their goals, they placed 5th out of 38 teams! Considering this event was their third time skijoring ever, we are immensely proud of them, however their adviser, Dr. Krishona Martinson, is mostly just pleased that nobody ended up in the hospital! Photo credits go to Shelley Paulson Photography.