Poultry Team Making Great Strides in Expanding Programming

Recently, the Extension Poultry Team translated several fact sheets from English to Hmong, Spanish and Somali. The fact sheets provide information on disease prevention and management in various flocks including chickens and pigeons and can be found on the University of Minnesota Extension - Poultry website. The fact sheets include:


Avian Influenza: Basics for urban and backyard poultry owners

Avian Influenza: Basics for organic and pastured poultry flock producers

Avian Influenza: Avian influenza basics for pigeon owners

Avian Influenza: Biosecurity for pigeon lofts

Avian Influenza: Pigeon and influenza viruses


With the help of the contracted translators, press releases are being distributed to communities whom would find this information useful in raising their birds.  Abby Neu, Wayne Martin, and Sally Noll completed this project with assistance from Michele Scherman and Hannah Lochner, Extension Livestock Team communications intern.