Pork Producers Host Graduate Students from University of Minnesota

This summer the swine nutrition graduate students visited two Minnesota based pork producers, New Fashion Pork and Christensen Farms. The producers shared an overview of business models, company values, and future goals. Minnesota pork producers are setting high standards improving land use, animal welfare, and producing safe nutritious pork. The group learned how nutritionists make business decisions using standard parameters such as growth and feed consumption, but also other business oriented parameters such as income over feed cost, space cost, and opportunity cost. They also covered current research topics in these organizations and had the opportunity to share their own research.

These experiences helped the graduate students to understand the impact of research at the University of Minnesota in their businesses. The visits included tours to feed mills and research farms to understand the connection between feed production and research conducted in a production setting. During both tours it was stressed how the many moving parts impact decision making and how nutrition can affect other areas of the company. This insight into the swine production industry is valuable for graduate students to be able to relate what they are doing in an academic setting and how it could potentially affect the swine production industry. The UMN swine nutrition group is very thankful to New Fashion Pork and Christensen Farms for welcoming them and giving them insight into the swine production industry.