Reopening of Rosemount Beef Unit

An open house for the Department's Rosemount Beef Unit was held for industry professionals and department staff and faculty on September 20th. The building originally designed to house small ruminants was transformed, with investments secured by the RROC and the Department of Animal Science, to house 240 head in 30 pens. This investment required that other satellite projects be completed to modernize the entire facility: roadways, roof water flow diversion, holding pens, cattle lanes, feed storage and feed mixing area. The project has taken much of 2016 and over $700,000 to be completed.

The Beef Team plans to start experiments to study impact of management decisions on cattle performance. Bunk allowance, pen space, and type and frequency of bedding will be evaluated as to their impact on cattle performance. This state of the art facility will permit feeding and managing cattle in a 2 hour window with approximately another 12 hour a week for floor scraping and bedding. Budgets for labor and input use, including water intake by pen, will be maintained so we can influence feeding and managing decisions on over 6,000,000 head of cattle in our area of influence.