Dr. Pedrio Urriola Attends Pig Ski 2018

In early February, Dr. Pedro Urriola presented at Pig Ski 2018. This conference gathers approximately 80 pork producers and service companies (e.g., financial services, genetics, pharmaceutical, feed additives) under the motto of learning, family, and fun. Pedro shared the work happening at the University of Minnesota with distillers’ coproducts such as prediction of energy, amino acid digestibility, dietary fiber, etc. He also talked about the Integrated Animal Systems Biology group, sustainable pork production, and management of food waste.

During his time at Pig Ski, Pedro learned about two companies developing new ways to raise and sell pork in innovative ways. These companies are rapidly adjusting their business models to global and United States market forces. Clemens Food Group is vertically integrated from production, harvest, distribution and recently opened a new processing plant in Coldwater, MI. New Fashion Pork is located in Jackson, MN; they partnered to build a new plant for Triumph Foods in Sioux City, IA. The capacity for processing pork in the United States has increased to accommodate for global demand. At the same time, consumers are requesting pork (poultry as well) that are raised under specific conditions such as antibiotic-free livestock production and transparency to the consumer in terms of animal care and production systems. Clemens has adjusted their model to create the Farm Promise brand that promises No Antibiotics Ever (NAE). New Fashion Pork has partnered with the Global Animal Partnership, a nonprofit focused on improving farm animal welfare, to build and design a new sow barn in Thorp, WI. The results of these enterprises and their impact on how we raise and feed pigs is yet to be determined.

For more information on global and North America animal protein production for 2018, you can listen to a podcast from Rabobank financial services.