Dr. Brad Heins to Host Outwintering Field Day

Brad Heins will host an Outwintering Field Day on March 9th, 2017 at the West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC) in Morris, MN. As outwintering dairy cattle continues to increase in popularity, this field day showcases part of the dairy research done at the WCROC that evaluates various outwintering options and how they each affect herd health.

The Outwintering Field Day begins at 10:30 am, and is set to conclude at 2 pm. Lunch will be provided at the event. There is no pre-registration required as you register at the door. They suggest dressing appropriately for the weather as you will be outside. 
If you have any questions contact Brad Heins at 320-589-1711 or email hein0106@umn.edu for more information.