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Book Chapters

O’Grady, S.M. (Invited review) Ion Transport, Potassium Channels. Encyclopedia of Respiratory Medicine In Press. 2020.

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Srisomboon Y, Maniak PJ, Squillace D, Kita H, O’Grady SM. Simvastatin Inhibits Allergen-induced IL-33 Secretion in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells by Blocking ATP Release and Ca2+ Uptake. FASEB J 33: 734.5-734.5, 2019.


O' Grady, S.M. 2019. Epithelial ETosis and airway host-defense following fungal aeroallergen exposure. CVM Research Seminar, St. Paul, MN. March 6. 

O' Grady, S.M. 2018. Glucocorticoid regulation of airway epithelial ion transport during mucociliary differentiation. Department of Medicine, Minneapolis, MN. November 14.

Invited Reviews

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