What We're Thankful For

Our student worker Lisa is thankful for family!


Faculty member Marcia Hathaway is thankful for health!

Faculty member Kyle Rozeboom is thankful for family!


Our graduate student Matt is thankful for Justin!

Our graduate student Justin is thankful for ice cream!


Grace, Dr. Johny, Yuan-Tai, Edward, Dr. Saqui-Salces, Joey, Dr. Urriola, Jijo, and Divek are grateful for cookies!

Our graduate students Michelle, Devan, Amanda, and Glenda are thankful for their 2 and 4-legged family members!


Students in ANSC 4044-Applied Dairy Nutrition are thankful for classmates (Fred specifically it looks like!)

Faculty member Tony Seykora is thankful for students!


Faculty member Les Hansen is grateful for 'Fantastic students'!

Faculty member Beth Ventura is thankful for coffee!


Michelle from our accounting office is thankful for 'A sense of humor!'

Allison from our office staff is thankful for community!


Dr. Chris Faulk's lab is thankful for 'a friendly lab'!

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