Dr. Jerry Shurson Presents at Export Exchange

This past October, Dr. Jerry Shurson presented at Export Exchange 2016, the nation's premier international trade conference focused on the export of U.S. coarse grains and co-products. More than 400 people attended Export Exchange in Detroit, MI to meet and learn about economic, export, and production outlook for feed grains commodities and dried distiller grains (DDGS).

Dr. Shurson presented on the benefits of incorporating DDGS into the diets of poulty, cattle, and swine. He shared the benefits of DDGS such as it being an excellent feed value, lower methane emissions from dairy cattle, reduced hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the manure of piglets, and natural antioxidants that improves the health of the animals without the use of antibiotics.

To learn more about Dr. Jerry Shurson and his work on biofuels co-products in animal feeds, go here: http://www.biofuelscoproducts.umn.edu/

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