Dr. Chris Faulk’s Research Highlighted by National Institutes of Health

Dr. Chris Faulk’s R01 research project that his lab is working on in conjunction with Dr. Dana Dolinoy at the University of Michigan was recently featured in a blog post on the National Institutes of Health webpage. The post was written by director of the NIH, Dr. Francis Collins, and it shares an overview of the epigenomics research that Drs. Faulk and Dolinay are doing in their labs and the implications for what it could mean for the future of precision medicine.

Dr. Collins writes, “Research on the human genome has provided some really important lessons over the years. But to understand how DNA works also requires learning about the epigenome. It’s this epigenomic control in all parts of the body that is vital for understanding how humans develop from a single cell and what can go wrong, for example, when ultraviolet radiation, food, chemicals, or other factors in the environment disrupt the expression patterns of the genome. While Dolinoy and Faulk are just getting started, the importance of this work can’t be underestimated for filling our biomedical toolbox with the right kinds of molecular interventions to enable a future of precision medicine.”


To read the full blog post, go here: https://directorsblog.nih.gov/2016/10/20/creative-minds-building-the-rna-toolbox/

To learn more about Dr. Chris Faulk and his research, go here: http://faulklab.cfans.umn.edu/

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