New Additions to the Department of Animal Science

The Animal Science Department welcomed Norrie Zier to the accounting team on July 19th, 2017. She is the new preaward grant contact. Norrie supports preaward grant preparation and submission to SPA for Animal Science, Food Science and Nutrition, Applied Economics and Agricultural Education. She has a bachelors from St. Catherine University in chemistry. Norrie's experience includes working at University of Minnesota Sponsored Projects Administration, University of Minnesota Medical School Department of Medicine and a local nonprofit in Minneapolis. Norrie currently resides in St. Paul, MN with her husband. She loves to spend time with her sisters and their golden doodles. Norrie enjoys cooking (especially spicy food), baking, ballroom dancing, and movies. She loves to try new things and looks forward to traveling the world. 

The Department of Animal Science welcomed Jae Cheol Jang to the department on August 1st,, 2017. He is the new Postdoc in the laboratory of swine nutrition, under the supervision of Drs. Pedro Urriola and Gerald Shurson. He received his bachelors in animal science from Kangwon National University, masters and Ph. D. in animal nutrition from Seoul National University. Jae’s previous research focused on nutrient utilization in swine, especially determination of the feeding level of new byproduct feeds. Other research interests included effect of group housing on gestating sow welfare. He currently takes part in the research project on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) for pork production when modifying type and regional sourcing of feed ingredients.

Jae is originally from Seoul, South Korea. He recently moved in CTC (Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative) in St. Paul, MN with his spouse Gonee and daughter Gaeun. He wants to improve himself and expand his knowledge while studying at the University of Minnesota.