November 2015

♦ Notes from the Department Head ♦

Dr. Bill DaytonIt's November - Halloween is past and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving in the near future. During this season, we in the Department of Animal Science have a great deal for which to be thankful including great undergraduate and graduate students, excellent staff, dedicated and talented faculty, and people such as you who support our department in innumerable ways. However, while we are being thankful for all of these things, we do not want to forget difficulties suffered by our friends and colleagues due to the Avian Influenza epidemic.

We are past mid-semester and looking towards finals in December so it is a busy time for students, faculty and staff in the department. As part of our strategic planning process, our department has recognized that we need to increase our course offerings in the areas of animal welfare and behavior. As all of you are aware, this is becoming an increasingly important issue for both animal producers and the general public. We believe it is important to increase the awareness of both our students and the general public concerning animal welfare and behavior, and offering courses in these areas should help achieve this goal. To increase our teaching capabilities in these areas, we recently hired a Teaching Assistant Professor whose background and training was in the areas of animal welfare and behavior. Unfortunately, we have recently found out that personal reasons will make it impossible for this person to join us. Consequently, we are currently in the process of identifying another person to fill the Assistant Professor position in the areas of animal welfare and behavior. Our goal is to fill this position as soon as possible so that we can begin to offer additional courses in animal welfare and behavior for our Animal Science students and for non-agriculture students as well.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we want to thank all of you for the support you provide for the education, research and extension efforts of our department. We hope you have a great fall and a happy Thanksgiving holiday.

Dr. William R. Dayton
Department Head

♦ Extension Highlights ♦

Extension Beef Team Serves the Minnesota Beef Industry

The U of M Extension Beef Team is the foundation of the University's connection to producers, consumers, and industry partners associated with the beef industry in the state of Minnesota and surrounding region. The Beef Team is committed to serving the Minnesota Beef Industry as an information and education center for cattle producers, beef consumers, and industry partners. The core Beef Team is composed of four primary members who serve as the team's foundation and provide a specific connection to all sectors within the industry.

  • Dr. Alfredo DiCostanzo is a Professor of ruminant nutrition on the U of M St. Paul campus and works closely with the cattle feeding and end-product sector of the beef industry.
  • Dr. Ryan Cox is an Associate Professor of Meat Science at the Andrew Boss Laboratory of Meat Science (ABLMS) on the U of M St. Paul campus and works closely with both the Beef Team and the meat packing sector of the beef industry to provide nationally recognized research as well as consumer and industry education events.
  • Mrs. Nicole Kenney-Rambo is the Feedlot Extension Educator at the Mid-Central Research and Outreach Center in Willmar, MN. Nicole works directly with feedlot operators and the feedlot sector industry to provide operational and industry education events.
  • Dr. Eric Mousel is the Cow-Calf Management Extension Educator at the North Central Research and Outreach Center in Grand Rapids, MN. He provides educational opportunities to the cow-calf operators and industry partners in the sector.

In addition to the core Beef Team, numerous inter-disciplinary scientists, Extension Specialists, and local Extension Educators work with the Beef Team to provide the quality programs the industry has come to expect.

Flagship Programs

The Beef Team delivers four 'Flagship Programs' every year to stay connected to their partners and to disseminate the latest in industry news, research, and gossip. These programs are nationally recognized for their quality and consistency in providing key information to beef producers, consumers, and the allied industry.

  • January – Beef U.
    Beef U is held in ABLMS on the U of M St. Paul campus. The focus of the program is to disseminate quality information about the meat industry to the retail service sector including dieticians, food service, and grocery managers.
  • February – Cow Calf Days Seminar Tour & Trade Show
    Cow Calf Days is held annually at 10 locations across Minnesota. The program is in its 43rd year and attracts nearly 600 cow-calf operators every year.
  • June – Beef Industry Partners Conference
    The Beef Industry Partner's Conference is a 2-day event bringing together representatives from a variety of beef industry companies and organizations to discuss the current state and future needs of the beef industry in Minnesota and beyond. This conference has become a highlight of the year for the Beef Team and for the many industry representatives who attend.
  • November – Beef Home Study Course
    The Beef Home Study Course is offered in a new format: as an online, self-paced course. The course will offer step-by-step directions for access and use of several key resources per lesson, follow-up online activities, as well as the opportunity to connect with other producers through an online forum.
  • December – Cattle Feeder Days
    Cattle Feeder Days focuses on topics related to increasing productivity and efficiency of Minnesota's feedlots. Approximately 250 feedlot producers and industry representatives attend this program annually. Speakers for Cattle Feeder Days include industry and university experts.

Beef Team on the World Wide Web

The Beef Extension website is the source of a variety of beef cattle management resources, including fact sheets, articles, YouTube videos, and links to outside educational resources. The site serves as a means to keep people up-to-date on upcoming beef extension programs and events. Additionally, the Beef Team utilizes social media as a platform to interact with stakeholders on a day-to-day basis. Social media has been a valuable tool for sharing upcoming extension programs, highlighting various web content produced by our team members, and interacting with stakeholders in real-time on the challenges and opportunities in the beef industry. 

♦ News & Announcements ♦

U of M Delegates Visit China - Looking Outward to Strengthen Our Pork Industry

A delegation from the U of M recently traveled to China to participate in the 4th Leman China Swine Conference held in Nanjing. Pedro Urriola (Animal Science-CFANS), Fran Liu (CVM) and Bob Morrison (CVM) gave multiple presentations at the conference and, while in China, they visted a large pork production company. In addition, Dr. Urriola visited and exchanged research topics at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and the Ministry of Agriculture Feed Industry Center (MAFIC). This trip was an important opportunity for the exchange of information on pork production between China and the U.S.

Corn, soybeans, milk, pork, and poultry products are among the commodities that the U.S. Midwest produces to feed the world—and more is needed. It is necessary to increase efficiency of animal food production among farmers around the world and all sectors of the food production chain. Feeding a growing population of pigs in a sustainable manner is among the challenges facing China because it has limited arable land. Therefore, the CAAS and the MAFIC have the objective of developing animal feeding programs that allow sustainable growth of animal production. These institutions lead the Chinese feed industry with a combination of research and education programs that are managed in collaboration with the Chinese Agriculture University.

The mission of the Leman China Swine Conference is to provide science-driven solutions to the global swine industry. It serves as a connection for pork industry professionals to share information on the latest management, disease, and production technologies of pork production. The conference provides current and applied information for the rapidly growing pork industry in China. U.S. professionals who attend have the opportunity to expand their horizons and understand the complexity of a growing country where tradition and modern systems interact closely. The 2016 Leman China Swine Conference will be held October 17-18 in Nanjing, China.

Group photo - China Trip

Above: U of M delegates, Pedro Urriola, Fran Liu and Bob Morrison, with others in China.

Animal Science Faculty Members Participate in International Dairy Colloquium in Spain

Animal Science faculty members Drs. Brad Heins, Hugh Chester-Jones, and Marcia Endres each gave a presentation about their dairy programs at the Scientific Colloquium on Dairy Production – How to Foster Progress In Dairy Production Through Research and Innovation held at the Institute of Research and Technology, Food and Agriculture (IRTA) in Catalonia, Spain, on October 21, 2015. The event was organized by former Animal Science graduate student Alex Bach. The agenda included 14 researchers from the U.S. and an additional 18 researchers and industry representatives from Spain. A very good discussion followed the presentations.

On the day prior to the colloquium, the U.S. group met at the University Autonoma de Barcelona for the annual NC2042 committee meeting chaired by Brad Heins. The group was hosted by former Animal Science graduate student Sergio Calsamiglia. In addition, the U.S. group visited university facilities, dairy farms, milk processing plants, and a cooperative in the region during the week of the colloquium. It was a very productive and educational visit! The event was highlighted on the Spanish business media (click here to view article). Check out the YouTube video posted by IRTA of the researchers visiting dairy facilities in Catalonia, Spain.

NC 2042 committee members and others

Above: NC2042 committee members Brad Heins, Hugh Chester-Jones and Marcia Endres along with colleagues from various universities across the U.S.

U of M Wins at NAILE to Complete Sweep of "Big 3" Dairy Cattle Judging Contests

By a decisive 31-point margin, the U of M's dairy cattle judging team placed 1st overall in the intercollegiate contest held November 8 at the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE) in Louisville, KY. The Minnesota team was also 1st in oral reasons, 1st in Brown Swiss, and 1st in Holstein among 17 four-year university teams. This follows previous victories this fall by U of M teams at the All-American Dairy Show, Harrisburg, PA (1st overall by a 15-point margin) and at World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI (1st overall by a 54-point margin).  

The Minnesota team was also 2nd in Jersey, 3rd in Ayrshire, and 5th in Guernsey. Team members were Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Cleveland, WI; Matthew Hanson, Goodridge, MN; Mary Liebenstein, Dundas, MN; and Austin Davis, Cokato, MN. Individually, Siemers-Peterman was 1st overall, 1st in reasons (by a 4-pt margin), and 1st in Brown Swiss. Hanson was 3rd overall, and Liebenstein was 5th overall. Coaches for the U of M's dairy cattle judging teams are Dr. Les Hansen, Scott Ellinghuysen, and Alicia Thurk.

Team rank (points):

1. Minnesota (2144)
2. UW-Madison (2113)
3. UW-River Falls (2110)
4. Cal Poly (2104)
5. Michigan State (2085)
6. Purdue
7. UW-Platteville
8. Ohio State
9. North Dakota State

10. Iowa State
11. Kentucky
12. Penn State
13. South Dakota State
14. Kansas State
15. Illinois
16. Tarleton State
17. Colorado State

Also, two students in the sophomore class and one student in the freshman class at the U of M competed in the 4-H dairy cattle judging contest held simultaneously with the collegiate contest in Louisville. Gabriella Sorg, Hastings, MN, and Austin Schmitt, Rice, MN, were members of the Minnesota 4-H dairy cattle judging team, which placed 2nd overall, 2nd in oral reasons, 1st in Ayrshire, and 1st in Holstein among 26 4-H and FFA teams. Individually, Sorg was 1st overall (by a 6-point margin), 1st in reasons, and 1st in Ayrshire, and Schmitt placed 14th overall among the 99 contestants. Graduate student Mike Donnelly served as one of the coaches of this 4-H team.  

Freshman Brooke Roberts, Whitelaw, WI, competed as a member of the Wisconsin 4-H team, which placed 3rd overall. Individually, Roberts was 5th overall and 7th in reasons.       

Judging Team at Louisville - High Team First-place collegiate team in the intercollegiate dairy cattle judging contest at NAILE, Louisville, KY, from the U of M (L-R): Dr. Les Hansen, coach; Crystal Siemers-Peterman (high individual), Matthew Hanson, Austin David, and Mary Liebenstein.
High Individuals at Louisville Contest

High individuals in the 4-H and 4-year collegiate contests at NAILE, Louisville, KY, were Gabriella Sorg (left) and Crystal Siemers-Peterman (right). Sorg is a sophomore and Siemers-Peterman is a junior at the U of M.

Food Animal Networking Evening was Largest Yet

The Gopher Dairy Club hosted its 4th annual Food Animal Networking Evening (FANE) on Wednesday, October 21, 2015, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, a short distance northwest of the U of M St. Paul campus. The event is essentially a career fair for U of M students with interest in internships and full time employment with food animal based organizations. Student members of Block & Bridle, Gopher Poultry Science Club, Pre-Vet Club, and Ag Education Club were invited to join members of the Gopher Dairy Club.

From 5 to 7 p.m. during the career fair, 78 undergraduate students mingled with representatives of the 27 food animal organizations at their table-top displays. Many of the representatives were alumni of the U of M. The career fair was followed by a formal dinner with assigned seating so students could have additional discussion with the organization representatives while dining. A brief program followed and included presentations by two senior members of the Gopher Dairy Club (Eric Houdek and Christine Reitsma) in which they provided their observations on what students look for when applying for internships and positions, and what organizations are likely seeking from student interns and future employees.

The 78 students who participated was the highest attendance yet for this annual event. Also, 27 was a new record for number of organizations:

  • Accelerated Genetics
  • AgStar Financial Services
  • American Foods Group
  • Associated Milk Producers Inc.
  • BioMatrix International
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
  • broadhead
  • Cargill
  • Centra Sota Cooperative
  • Christensen Farms
  • Dow AgroSciences/Mycogen Seeds
  • DuPont Pioneer
  • Elanco
  • Farmer, Lumpe + McClelland
  • Foremost Farms USA
  • Jennie-O Turkey Store
  • Land O'Lakes, Inc.
  • Midwest Poultry Consortium
  • Minnesota Farm Bureau
  • Minnesota Pork
  • New Fashion Pork
  • Riverview, LLP
  • Select Sires, Inc.
  • United Farmers Cooperative
  • Vita Plus Corporation
  • Wakefield Pork, Inc.
  • Zinpro Performance Minerals

Students in attendance at Food Animal Networking Eventt

Above: Students in attendance at Food Animal Networking Evening.

Company representatives at Food Animal Networking Event

Above: Company representatives at Food Animal Networking Evening.

Students Represent U of M at Badger Dairy Challenge

Five students from CFANS (Johanna Knorr, Justin Siewert, Lee Kloeckner, Nathan Donnay, and Wyatt Smith) participated in the Badger Dairy Challenge in Madison, WI, October 23-24, 2015. This is the first time that U of M students have been invited to compete in this event.

The students worked in mixed teams with UW students and evaluated a 475-cow dairy farm near Madison. They had a short time to use all the records provided by the contest along with information they collected during the farm visit to prepare a presentation with their recommendations to improve the profitability of this well-managed dairy operation. Our students represented the U of M very well and gave a very professional presentation.

The Badger Dairy Challenge was organized by UW-Madison, and sponsored by industry.

Badger Dairy Challenge participants

Above (L-R): Nathan Donnay, Lee Kloeckner, Johanna Knorr, Justin Siewert, Wyatt Smith.

Block & Bridle Members Attend National Convention

Six student members of the U of M's Block and Bridle Club attended the Block and Bridle National Convention in Tulsa, OK, October 14-17, 2015. The group included three officers, Adam Munsterteiger, Allison Hawkins, and Bret Otte; as well as three club members, Jenni Fidler, Kevin Lamont, and Dan Hayes. It was an eye opening and highly educational experience for all.

The group toured the headquarters of the American Angus Association in St. Joseph, MO, before arriving in Tulsa. While in Oklahoma, the group participated in tours that included Express Ranch, Reproduction Enterprises, Inc., Pfeiffer Farms' goat and angus cattle operation, Remington Park race track, Lazy E Quarter Horse Stud Barn, and Oklahoma State University's Beef Feedlot. On the last day of the convention, the group listened to speakers who taught over 400 Block and Bridle members from across the country about student finances, animal genomics, applying for jobs, and more about animal agriculture.

The next national convention will be hosted by UConn in March of 2017.

Block & Bridle members at National Convention

Above: Block & Bridle members with club advisor, Dr. Tony Seykora (far right) at National Convention.

Bring Your Chili to 4th Annual Meat Lab Chili Cook-Off!

Bowl of chiliDo you have the best chili in the land? Do you have the perfect recipe? Do you just enjoy eating chili? Please join us in the front lobby of the Andrew Boss Laboratory of Meat Science (ABLMS) on Friday, November 20, at noon for a friendly chili cook-off! Bring a pot of your best chili to share, or just show up ready to eat and vote! All are welcome. 

It's FREE to enter, and FREE to sample and vote for your favorite! Vote for your favorite chili and then at 1:00 p.m., the "People's Choice" award winner will be named.

If you plan to enter your chili into the Cook-Off to be judged, please send an email to Tristan McNamara at All are encouraged to shop in the Meat Lab (166 ABLMS) for your meat ingredients. Good Luck and Good Cooking!

U of M Students Receive MN Milk Scholarships

Each year Minnesota Milk Producers Association awards scholarships to students continuing their post-secondary education within the dairy industry. Scholarship funds are raised annually during an auction at the Minnesota Milk Dairy Conference and Expo. Since 2006, over $63,000 has been distributed through this program. Five of the ten 2015 recipients are from the U of M-Twin Cities and will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship this winter. They are:

Jake Borst – Rochester, MN
Food Science

Mariah Daninger – Forest Lake, MN
Agricultural Education

Austin Davis – Cokato, MN
Agriculture Industries & Marketing

Morgan Krause – Buffalo, MN
Animal Science

Rachel Rostad – Zumbrota, MN
Animal Science

Learn more about Minnesota Milk Scholarships and see a complete list of all past recipients at

Stronger Together – It Starts With You! MN Milk's Dairy Conference & Expo Kicks off December 1st

Minnesota Milk Dairy Conference & Expo LogoCome for a day, come for three days! "Stronger Together - It Starts With You!" is the theme of Minnesota Milk's Dairy Conference and Expo on December 1-3, 2015, at River's Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud, MN.

National Milk Producer's Federation President and CEO Jim Mulhern will bring greetings and address many of the nation's dairy issues including what is currently being done to help advance Minnesota dairy business success.

Minnesota Milk Executive Director Bob Lefevbre is moderating a forum where he will pose YOUR questions to Jim Mulhern and AMPI Co-CEO's Sheryl Meshke and Donn Develder.

Brad Scott, partner in Scott Brother's Dairy Farms, will talk about the risk of allowing Hollywood film crews on the farm to film a segment of the reality TV show, Undercover Boss, and share his experiences in building a lifelong relationship with a national brand.

Some more exciting hot topics at the Expo this year include:

  • Keeping Family and Farm Employees Satisfied – talking through the tough issues in farm management with labor of all sizes.
  • U of M research updates on Automatic Calf Feeders by Professor Marcia Endres along with a panel of dairy farmers moderated by Jim Salfer.
  • Interested in great reproduction? King Smith from Select Sires, with more than 25 years of experience in the A.I. industry, will dicuss reproduction and herd management practices that ensure your success is met.
  • If your interest is in economics, then be sure to check out the sessions hosted by Dr. Marin Bozic of the Department of Applied Economics at the U of M and Tim Swenson of Ag Star. Bozic will be taking you on a global dairy outlook for 2016 as he brings light and humor to a sometimes tough topic. Tim Swenson covers one of the most significant topics of this conference with ideas to make a profit with low margins.

Learn more about the Dairy Conference and Expo on Minnesota Milk's website , download the Expo brochure or send email to To register, call 1-877-577-0741.

Submit Nomination Intentions for University & College Awards

In an effort to better encourage, support and coordinate award nominations, the CFANS Honors and Awards Committee (HAC) is requesting that departments submit nomination intentions for University and College awards for the 2015-16 academic year. Departments need to complete the Intent to Nominate form for University awards (Morse, Graduate/Professional, Tate, Outstanding Achievement, Community Engaged Scholar), or College awards (Diversity & Inclusion, Outreach & Extension, Teaching, P&A, CSBU) by Monday, December 7, 2015. Departments or units are encouraged to nominate at least one individual for a College or University award. Questions can be directed to Holly Klinger (

University Awards - Additional Information

The HAC has set Monday, January 4, 2016, as the internal College deadline for receiving nomination materials for the Morse, Graduate/Professional, President's Community-Engaged Scholar, and Tate Advising awards. These awards require College endorsement for submission to the University level, and CFANS can only forward a limited number of nominations in each category. Once the HAC knows how many nominations to expect for each award, relevant updates and other information will then be shared with the nominators, department heads, and other department administrative staff assisting with the dossiers. The designated contact for CFANS is Holly Klinger ( / 612-626-5602).

Below are links to more information about University level awards, including nomination instructions, materials, specific submission guidelines, and required templates.

College Awards - Additional Information

The HAC has set Friday, March 11, 2016, as the deadline for College Awards. College awards can often be used as stepping stones to make candidates more competitive for other awards at the University (and sometimes national/international levels). To recognize the time and energy spent on compiling award dossiers, the HAC will keep all nominations active for up to three years. Nominations that are unsuccessful in their original submission year will remain in the nomination pool for two additional years or until successful, whichever comes first.

Please visit the following links for more information on the College level awards.

The CFANS HAC looks forward to working with departments and nominators in recognizing the many outstanding contributions that our faculty and staff make to the educational mission of the University.

Apply for COE Scholarship & Internship Program by Dec 6

Don't miss the December 6th deadline to apply for the 2016 Center of Excellence (COE) Scholarship and Internship Program! Apply here.

The COE program offers strong research-based poultry science education in a welcoming, friendly envieonment. Students are provided with a unique educational experience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with problem solving and state-of-the-art laboratory training integrated with industry field trips to complement interactive lectures and discussions. The program offers 18 credits that transfer to the student's home university.

The 2016 COE classes will be held May 16-June 24 allowing for students to have longer internships with Midwest Poultry Consortium (MPC) member companies. Internships are a vital component of the COE experience and provide hands-on knowledge for students interested in a career within the poultry industry.

For more information, please view the MPC's Recruitment Brochure or contact MPC at or 651-766-8118.

Center of Excellence logo

AYS Program - Nomination Deadline Extended to Dec 31

Alltech Young ScientistThe nomination deadline for the Alltech Young Scientist (AYS) Program has been extended to December 31, 2015. The AYS Program is the world's largest agriscience competition offering the brightest scientific thinkers from colleges and universities across the globe the opportunity to compete at the highest level and be rewarded for their innovative research.

The AYS Program has 2 categories of competition: Students who are currently enrolled in Undergraduate programs, and students who are currently enrolled in a Graduate program (Master's, PhD, DVM, etc.). Students will first compete regionally and will be required to write a research paper on an agriscience-related topic such as animal health and nutrition, crop science, agriculture analytical methods, food chain safety and traceability, human health and nutrition. The 1st place winners from each of four regions will be invited to attend an all-expense-paid trip to AYS Discovery Week in Lexington, KY. There the finalists will participate in the Global Competition and present their papers in front of a panel of international judges.

Click here for the nomination form. Please visit the Alltech AYS Program on the web for more information. Check out Alltech's Corporate Career Development Program and their Research Internship Program as well.

Driven to Discover Building Research Project Applications Due Jan 8

With matching funds from the Office of the Vice President for Research, researchers from the the CFANS, School of Public Health, and the Medical School launched a dedicated research facility on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds that provides a way for the public to participate in research that is fun, innovative, and convenient. The Driven to Discover Building opened its doors at the Great Minnesoa Get-Together in 2014 and had over 8,000 fairgoers participate in 29 research projects. In 2015, participation increased to over 17,000 fairgoers with 41 research projects.

Applications are now being accepted for projects to be presented at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair. All U of M faculty and research associates at any campus are eligible to apply. In addition, currently enrolled U of M students who are interested in conducting student-led research projects at the Fair are strongly encouraged to apply. Eligible students will need to provide the name and signature of their academic advisor.

Learn more at the Driven to Discover Building website. Request for applications (RFA) are due by 5:00 p.m. on January 8, 2016.

SAVE THE DATE! — Gopher Dairy Camp Scheduled for June 12-14, 2016

Gopher Dairy CampThe dates for the 2016 Gopher Dairy Camp have been chosen—the event will be held June 12-14 on the U of M St. Paul Campus. The camp offers workshops that allow attendees to improve both their cattle grooming skills for the showring and knowledge of the production and processing of dairy products.

To focus the educational experience, the Gopher Dairy Camp will be open only to youth who have completed grades 6 through 9, but haven't yet started grade 10, which is a change from previous years. Registration will open in March of 2016 and attendance is limited to the first 100 youth who register.

The camp is hosted by the Gopher Dairy Club at the U of M in cooperation with the Minnesota 4-H Dairy Project Committee. For further information about the camp, please visit the Gopher Dairy Camp website, or contact Nicole Krumrie, Gopher Dairy Camp Co-Chair (320-296-8603;

♦ Graduate Student Profile ♦

Yijie He

Yijie HeYijie He is pursuing a Master's degree in Animal Science under the advisement of Dr. Yuzhi Li. Yijie's research focus is on slow growing pigs; specifically to characterize the behavior, physiology and production performance of slow growing pigs and to evaluate the effect of providing more feeder space to slow growing pigs. His research objectives are to gain more understanding of slow growth and to help pork producers take actions on this issue.

Yijie grew up in a small petroleum city in Xinjiang, China. After graduating high school in 2008, he attended China Agricultural University and majored in Animal Science. In 2012, after graduating college, he decided to study in the U.S. to expand his knowledge and broaden his horizons. Besides studying on campus, he has worked at the West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris as an intern to gain more experience in livestock husbandry in the U.S.

In his spare time, Yijie enjoys reading, playing basketball, and guitar.

♦ Congratulations ♦

CFANS set a record for enrollment this fall! Undergraduate enrollment (2,021) was the highest it's been since the college was created via the merger of the colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources plus the Food Science and Nutrition Department.

Cassio Villela successfully defended his MS thesis on November 2, 2015. The title of his thesis: Effects of adding minimally refined cottonseed oil or crude glycerol to diets containing 40% distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) on growth performance, carcass characteristics and pork fat quality of growing-finishing pigs. Cassio has been working in the global sales division of Novus Inc. in St. Louis, MO, since September 2014. Dr. Lee Johnston served as Cassio's advisor.

♦ Calendar of Events ♦

- November -

2-5 - 30th ADSA Discover Conference, "Creating an Enduring U.S. Dairy Production Sector", Eaglewood Resort & Spa, Itasca, IL.

3-20 - North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville, KY.

4 - Sow Bridge Program (electronic presentation).

11 - PQA Plus & TQA Certification Class (1:00-4:00pm), Minnesota Pork Board Office, Mankato, MN. Contact: Colleen Carey, MN Pork Board, 1-800-537-7675 or

19 - Common Swine Industry Audit (CSIA) Workshop (10:00am-2:00pm), West Central ROC, Morris, MN.

23 - N212 PRRS/PED Elimination Meeting (6:00pm), West Central ROC, Morris, MN. Contact: Sarah Schieck, 320-235-0726 ext. 2004 or

26-27 - University closed (Thanksgiving holiday).

30 - N212 PRRS/PED Elimination Meeting (6:00pm), Community Center, Prinsburg, MN. Contact: Sarah Schieck, 320-235-0726 ext. 2004 or

- December -

1-3 - MMPA Dairy Conference & Expo, River's Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud, MN.

3 - Pork Bridge Program (electronic presentation).

11 - PQA Plus & TQA Certification Class (1:00-4:00pm), Heintz Center, Rochester, MN. Contact: Colleen Carey, MN Pork Board, 1-800-537-7675 or

24-25 - University closed.

- January 2016 -

6 - Sow Bridge Program (electronic presentation).

12-14 - Dairy Strong Conference & Trade Show, Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center, Madison, WI.

18 - University closed (Martin Luther King holiday).

19 - Spring break begins.

19-20 - Minnesota Pork Congress, Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN.

27-29 - 118th Annual Cattle Industry Convention & National Cattlemen's Beef Association Trade Show, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA.

- February 2016 -

9-11 - World Ag Expo, International Agri-Center, Tulare CA.

16 - Carver County Dairy Expo, Norwood Young America, MN. Contact: Abby Neu, 952-492-5386.

- March 2016 -

15-17 - Midwest Poultry Federation Convention, St. Paul, MN.

17-19 - North American Farm & Power Show, Four Seasons Centre, Owatonna, MN.

- June 2016 -

8-10 - World Pork Expo, Iowa State Fairground, Des Moines, IA.