The Minnesota Milk Dairy Conference and Expo will be held on November 28-29th at Treasure Island Resort and Casino

We are excited to be moo-ving our event to Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Welch, MN, featuring a new location, new schedule, and new tradeshow layout!
The event begins on Tuesday, November 28th at 10:00 a.m. Highlights include:

• Minnesota Milk Annual meeting
• Keynote speaker, V.J. Smith with his inspirational talk, “The Richest Man in Town”
• Breakout room for Spanish-speaking employees
• Tradeshow with over 70 vendors
• Annual dinner and special 40th Anniversary celebration
• Annual Scholarship auction

• Speaker, Wes Jamison, who explores the topic of Agriculture Public Relations
• Speakers focused on economics, technology, health and more
• Tradeshow with over 70 vendors
• Breakout room for new and transitioning farms
• Night of networking and fun during the first Bowling Tournament

Conference registration includes access to all speakers, meals, and entrance to the tradeshow. After the 21st, registration costs increase to $50 per person for member farms and employees. Sign into your Minnesota Milk profile to register now for free or call us at 763-355-9697.

See you at the Island!