Updates From Dr. Johny's Lab

Divek Nair and Grace Dewi, Graduate Research Assistants in the Johny lab, got their scientific abstracts accepted for oral presentations at the Poultry Science Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida from July 17-20, 2017. Divek will be presenting his research poster at the IFT Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 25-28, 2017 as well.

Divek won one of the most prestigious IFT Feeding Tomorrow Graduate Scholarship from the National IFT ($2000) this year. Earlier in April, he won a Minnesota Section IFT Graduate Scholarship ($1000) and a Travel Grant to attend the national IFT meeting ($500) (On the left - Divek receives the awards from Mr. Wayne Scheck, the MNIFT Scholarship Committee Chair).

Dr. Johny received a service appreciation memento from Dr. Mary Schmidl, the MNIFT President and the Past President of National IFT, for serving the MNIFT Executive Board for the past two years (2015 – 2017). He has been serving the Harold Macy Award Committee during this governance year. At the national level, Dr. Johny serves the IFT Food Microbiology Division Board as its Scientific Programs and Awards Chair. 

Dr. Johny spoke at the Classes Without Quizzes (CWQ) program organized by the CFANS Alumni Association on “Chicken Beauties in Our Backyards – Scope, Issues, and Future” where he discussed the current laws and ordinances, scope, diseases, nutrition, care, management, and future of the emerging urban backyard chicken  culture in the United States. Watch a 5-minute video clip here on the talk.