10th Anniversary of the Leatherdale Equine Center

The Leatherdale Equine Center celebrated its 10th anniversary this fall! To help celebrate, two, one-day workshops for horse owners were hosted at the facility. Animal Science faculty and graduate students coordinated the events with additional presenters from Extension and College of Veterinary Medicine faculty. On October 21st, 60 adult horse owners chose from eight breakout topics including: equine ulcers, basics of winter horse care, biosecurity, yoga for horses, Myth-busters: forage edition, first aid, assessing horse body condition, and caring for elderly horses. Owners from 12 Minnesota counties, Wisconsin, and Iowa attended the program. They enjoyed a day full of hands-on learning, comradery and access to experts that helped answer their questions.

An event designed specifically for youth in grades 6 – 12 was held on November 4. Young equestrians from five Minnesota counties and Wisconsin were presented similar topics geared towards a youth audience. The most fun part of the day was the horseless horse show during the lunch break. Each participant had the opportunity to compete in barrels or navigate a jumping course. Prizes for the fastest time by event and grade were awarded, thanks to the generosity of Purina Feeds and Rachel Mottet (AnSci PhD student).

Session presenters included AnSci Faculty Dr. Krishona Martinson and Dr. Marcia Hathaway; AnSci Graduate Students Devan Catalano, Michelle DeBoer, Amanda Grev, and Amanda Reiter; Vet Med Faculty Dr. Alex Bianco, Dr. Lauren Hughes and Dr. Christie Ward; and U of M Extension faculty Abby Neu. Special assistance was provided by undergraduate interns Kirsten Firth, Hannah Lochner and Mike Miller and Dr. Martinson’s daughters Matalyn and Montana and their patient horses, Daisy and Holly.