Department of Animal Science Welcomes Kyrié Douglass

This month, the Department of Animal Science office welcomed a new member to the team, Kyrié Douglass. Kyrié will be serving as the new Administrative Coordinator. We are so glad to have her as part of our team, and thought we would take the opportunity to introduce her to you!

Kyrié attended art school at the college of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she received her BFA in photography. After college, she worked with a few institutions and organizations around the Twin Cities, focusing on art education, including the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul and Silverwood Park in St. Anthony. From there, Kyrié transitioned out of the art education world and moved into an administrative role for LCH Paper Tube and Core Co. before beginning her position in the Department of Animal Science.

She enjoys working with children, which is why she was initially drawn to art education rather than a commercial art direction. However, Kyrié has experience working with all ages – toddlers to senior citizens.

Kyrié said, “There’s just something really fulfilling about working in the realm of education. I love learning, and much of the work I was involved in prior to the U was built around fostering a connection with the environment and nature through art.”

There are many reasons why she decided to seek out a career at the Department of Animal Science. Yet, what stood out to her were the people that make the program what it is today.

Kyrié said, “Many of the students, faculty and staff are driven to explore our relationships with the land, animals, and agriculture around us, with the spirit of discovery and sustainability.”

She grew up in Granite Falls; a city surrounded by farming communities which gave her the change to develop her love for the educational side of things, and learning more about the agricultural perspective.

Along with coordinating various day-to-day office projects, Kyrié has many hobbies. She loves animals, which is one of her favorite things about being on the St. Paul campus. She also enjoys hiking, exploring state and national parks, and film photography!

Welcome to the department, Kyrié!