Nicole Kenney Rambo

Nicole Kenney Rambo is pursuing a PhD in Animal Science with an emphasis in Feedlot Nutrition with Dr. Alfredo DiCostanzo. As part of her PhD program, Nicole has completed research on the impact of feedlot facility design on manure nutrient concentration and investigated the nutrient requirements of heavy weight cattle at the end of the finishing period. Her research program has been driven by needs identified through work with Minnesota feedlot operators in her role as an Extension Educator. Nicole joined the University of Minnesota Extension Beef Team in 2013 as the Feedlot Extension Educator and is based at the Mid Central Research and Outreach Center in Willmar, MN. Nicole completed her undergraduate work in Animal Science at Texas A&M University and has an M.S. in Beef Cattle Nutrition from the University of Kentucky. In her role with the Beef Team, Nicole develops research-based educational programming in a variety of media formats and participates in applied feedlot research. Nicole has led the Beef Team’s efforts in incorporating online and social media platforms to support the traditional Flagship Beef Extension programs and enhance learning opportunities for Minnesota stakeholders.