Study Abroad Opportunities for ANSC Students

This year our department is excited to offer two unique study abroad programs to interested students! Read below to learn about each program and the process for applying.

Shires, Shorthorns, and Sheep: Exploring Livestock Systems is offered in England. Dr. Marcia Hathaway and Dr. Krishona Martinson are leading this course. The course will examine the similarities and differences between Minnesota and England animal agriculture, including beef, dairy, sheep, and horse systems. Participants will explore the history and culture of England, including many landmarks such as the Thames River, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, Greenwhich Meridian, and many activities in Cambridge and London. During this time they will be visiting production livestock farms, and enjoy 2 BBQs with locally raised meat.

The course is an embedded Spring B term course, which will being the week after spring break, with two weeks abroad! It will be offered every other year in the even years, so if this sounds like something you might be interested in learn more here

Another fantastic opportunity students can take advantage of is the Belize: Wildlife Medicine and Conservation course. Students have the chance to engage with the rich diversity of Belize while working in collaboration with the Belize Wildlife and Referral clinic. Students will be introduced to the major ecosystems, the plan and animal organisms inhabiting the area, and the strategies that are employed by biologists and resource managers. Labs and hands on excursions will be taught by the staff. The program labs including everything from spay and neuter to a behind the scenes tour of the Belize Zoo. Melissa Palmer is the faculty that leads the course.

This course is an embedded course with on-campus class time during the spring semester prior to their departure. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity to take advantage of it in the future, check out this link!

Both programs have a deadline of February 1st to apply, so get your application in quickly if you are interested!