Yuan-Tai Hung

Yuan-Tai Hung grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, which is 7000 miles away from Minnesota. He attended school in Taichung city, an industrial city on the western side of central Taiwan, for his undergraduate and graduate programs. In 2012, he graduated from National Chung Hsing University and earned a master’s degree in Animal Science. In his previous research, he evaluated the effect of supplementing sorghum distillery residue and polyethylene glycol on laying performance and blood characteristics in laying hens. After graduation, he went to compulsory military service for a year. After his service, he worked as a technical sales representative at Leader Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd. He promoted feed additives and antibiotics imported from international manufacturers to poultry and swine producers and feed mills. Nevertheless, he always wanted to study abroad and see the world, so he started looking at schools and preparing his applications for PhD programs.

In Fall 2016, Yuan-Tai started his PhD program with the Department of Animal Science. He is advised by Drs. Milena Saqui-Salces, Pedro Urriola, and Jerry Shurson. His research focuses on swine nutrition, specifically focusing on biomarkers of swine with different dietary treatments. Overall, he enjoys life at the University of Minnesota and appreciates the people around him that help and support him.