Animal Science Faculty Launches Updates, First-of-its-kind Mobile App

As printed in The Insider

In 2014, Dr. Krishona Martinson of Animal Science led a team to develop Healthy Horse, the first for-profit mobile app sold by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents. Dr. Martinson’s team recently launched an updated version featuring new visuals, additional horse breed types, and options to use the app in Spanish and with metric units. The app also includes links to new articles on managing thin and overweight horses.

Healthy Horse helps horse owners and professionals estimate horse bodyweight based on research-backed equations. To use the app, users select an equine breed type and enter the equine's height, body length, neck and girth circumference, which then estimates the horse’s bodyweight and ideal bodyweight. Determining a horse’s bodyweight is important for feeding management, health maintenance, and medication administration. Sponsored by Purina, the app is available on IOS and Android devices.