Hannah Phillips

Hannah is pursuing her Master’s with a focus in organic dairy systems and is advised by Dr. Brad Heins. Her projects involve grazing dairy steers on small grain cover crops and investigating an herbal-based painkiller used when disbudding calves. Hannah gets to spend her summers in Morris at the West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC). Research at the WCROC investigates crossbreeding, fly control, out wintering, calf feeding strategies, forage types, renewable energy, and more, so she never gets bored! Her favorite part about her research is being able to work outdoors on a diversified farm.

Hannah was born and raised in Covington, Washington so it’s no surprise that she’s always up for an outdoor adventure. She received a B.S. at Iowa State University in Animal Science and her favorite thing about living in the Midwest is the sunshine.

In her free time, she plays on the Menagerie Women’s Minneapolis Rugby team, goes dancing with friends, and cuddles her cat, Bagheera.