Masters Program

The M.S. degree is offered under two options. Plan A requires a thesis. Plan B substitutes additional course work and special reports or projects for the thesis. The M.S. program ordinarily requires three to five semesters in residence and cannot be completed in less than two semesters. At least 60% of the coursework must be completed as a registered University of Minnesota Graduate School student. Both M.S. degree plans require that students maintain a 3.0 or better average.  M.S. students are required to register for 4 semesters of the graduate seminar class and are expected to present one seminar per academic year.  Students are also required to take an ethics course during their program.

Plan A

A minimum of 14 semester credits is required in the major and 6 credits in a designated minor, or related fields outside the major. Selection of courses to fulfill this requirement and development of the thesis project are primarily the responsibility of the student and faculty advisor. Additionally, they must register for a minimum of 10 thesis credits.

Degree Completion Steps for a Master's Plan A Student

Plan B

A minimum of 30 credits is required. These must include 14 or more credits in the major area and at least 6 credits in one or more related fields outside the major. The balance of credits is chosen by agreement between the advisor and student. In addition to course work, a project(s) is to be conducted that requires approximately 120 hours to complete. The nature and extent of the project is agreed upon in advance by the student and faculty advisor.

Degree Completion Steps for a Master's Plan B Student


Forms for Master's Students