Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postdoctoral Positions in Microbiomics Lab Available

The laboratory of Dr. Andres Gomez at the Department of Animal Science is looking for undergrad, grad students and prospective postdocs interested in microbiome research and the links between microbes and human/animal physiology. Members of the Gomez lab will be focusing on combining field and lab work with, bioinformatics and statistical tools to investigate the impact of microbes in human/animal health, nutrition and evolution, working in projects related to:

• Genetic, dietary and environmental drivers of animal/human microbiomes;
• Systems biology of microbiomes;
• Global patterns of the human/animal microbiome
• Host-microbe interactions

Applicants interested in these positions should send an e-mail to gomeza@umn.edu, with a cover letter and CV (including 3 references).