Members of the Gopher Dairy Club Chosen for 16 of 46 Scholarships Totaling $20,500 Awarded by National Dairy Shrine

Once again in 2017, Gopher Dairy Club members received the largest number of scholarships from National Dairy Shrine among all land-grant universities. U of M students received 16 of the 46 scholarships (35% of them) totaling $20,500. The scholarships will be presented to the students at the annual recognition banquet of National Dairy Shrine, October 5, during World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI.

Following the U of M's 16 scholarships was UW-Madison with 7 recipients, Penn State and Iowa State each had 4 recipients, and Cal Poly and Michigan State each had 3 recipients. No other land-grant university had more than 2 scholarship recipients.

Senior Recognition (7 scholarships)
Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Cleveland, WI (2nd -- $1,500)
Ethan Dado, Amery, WI (4th -- $1,000)

Junior Merit (5 scholarships)
Laura Jensen, Comstock, WI (1st -- $1,500)
Austin Schmitt, Rice, MN ($1,000)
Gabriella Sorg, Hastings, MN ($1,000)

Sophomore Merit (5 scholarships)
Trent Dado, Amery, WI (1st -- $1,500)
Haely Leiding, Fountain, MN ($1,000)

Freshmen Merit (6 scholarships)
Emily Annexstad, St. Peter, MN ($1,000)
McCullough Incoming Freshman (2 scholarships)
Katherine Gathje (1st -- $2,000)
Katie Thompson ($1,500)

DMI Education & Communication (5 scholarships)
Gabriella Sorg (1st -- $1,500)
Morgan Krause ($1,000)
Brooke Roberts ($1,000)

DMI Milk Marketing & Dairy Products (5 scholarships)
Trent Dado (1st -- $1,500)
Laura Jensen ($1,000)

Klussendorf/McKown (7 scholarships)
Rachel Coyne ($1,500)