Gabriella Furo

Gabriella Furo is pursuing a Master’s degree under the direction of Dr. Sally Noll. Currently Gabi is working in multiple studies to examine the prevalence and severity of Footpad dermatitis (FPD) in turkeys, which is an important animal welfare and economical problem in poultry flocks worldwide. Gabriella is expected to graduate in 2018. She is a member and currently the treasurer of the Gopher Poultry Science Club.

Gabriella is from Hungary, where she received an MS in Agribusiness (2007), then worked with breeder geese and ducks and assisted feed mill and plant production. She became an agricultural exchange student - MAST Trainee - in 2011 and has been living in Minnesota since. She is married and raising a little toddler-tornado named Alma with her husband, Tamas, who is a PhD student at the U of M. Gabi is optimistic that she can balance her time and energy between grad school and family. She has traveled to 14 countries, and hopes to experience many more.

Her career plans are to start a PhD program and help poultry farmers improve their management practices and animal welfare.