Equine Extension Offering Two Certification Courses

The University of Minnesota Extension Horse Team will be offering two online certificate courses starting in January 2017. The first course focuses on pasture establishment and management, while the second course focuses on growing and feeding horse hay. Although species recommendations will focus on the Upper Midwest, most information can be applied across the U.S.
Both courses are semi self-paced and are six weeks in duration. To earn a certificate, participants must earn ≥70% on three 10-point multiple choice quizzes and participate in three online discussions per course. The course is recommended for adult learners, but is open to everyone. The course will not result in college credit. The cost for each course is $75 and registration is required by January 8, 2017.

Registration is available at:

Online Horse Pasture Establishment & Management Certification Course

Growing & Feeding Horse Hay Online Certification Course