Drs. Jerry Shurson and Pedro Urriola Host Team From Ecuador

Drs. Jerry Shurson and Pedro Urriola hosted an Ecuadorian team for a short course in November. Jerry and Pedro summarized recent research results showing that DDGS is an economical source of energy, digestible amino acids, and phosphorus in swine and poultry diets, and that it can be used at relatively high diet inclusion rates to provide excellent animal performance as well as meat and egg quality. Attendees of the short course were very appreciative of the information they received and indicated that the information would be very useful for their work in Ecuador.

The U.S. Grains Council established this short course program and collaboration to provide information to help the feed, livestock, and poultry industries in Ecuador use an economical, abundant feed ingredient in precision animal feeding programs to improve food security. CHS is a leading exporter of DDGS and was essential in providing this face-to-face contact with the Ecuadorian team.

Jerry has been invited to Ecuador to meet with government officials to prevent import restrictions of DDGS in the future, a truly exciting opportunity.