William R. Dayton

Professor Emeritus-Muscle Growth Biology
St Paul, MN 55108


  • Undergraduate degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University
  • PhD in Biochemistry from Iowa State University

Research Interests

Utilizing molecular biology and muscle cell culture methodologies to study the regulation of muscle growth during embryonic and postnatal growth of economically-important animals, currently focusing on the two research areas:

  • Mechanism of Action of Anabolic Steroid Growth Promoters
  • Role of Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Proteins in Growth and Differentiation of Pig Muscle Cells.


  • ANSC 3511: Animal Growth and Development (guest lecturer)
  • ANSC 4096: Professional Experience (Internship) (advisor)
  • ANSC 8211: Animal Growth and Development (instructor & organizer)
  • ANSC 8510: Graduate Seminar
Dr. William Dayton