Dr. Jerry Shurson Authors U.S. Grains DDGS Handbook

Earlier this month the U.S. Grains Council published the 4th edition of the DDGS User Handbook entitled “Precision DDGS Nutrition” that was authored by Dr. Jerry Shurson. He has led an active DDGS research program for 20 years, has collaborated extensively with many other DDGS researchers, and has served as a DDGS technical consultant for the U.S. Grains Council in all export market regions around the world since 1998. Drs. Zhikai Zeng and Jae-Cheol Jang, Post-Doctoral Fellows in the Department of Animal Science contributed to the handbook, conducting meta-analyses of published data related to swine and poultry growth performance studies. Mr. Steve Markham, Mr. Sean Broderick and Mr. Sam Erwin, CHS, Inc.,  added valuable contributions as well in the chapter on “Factors that Affect DDGS Pricing and Transportation Logistics”.

The 1st edition was published in 2007 (10 chapters, 142 pages), the second edition was published in 2009 (16 chapters, 234 pages), and the third edition was published in 2012 (35 chapters, 390 pages). Much has changed over the past 5 years in the production and nutrient composition of U.S. corn DDGS. Most notably, over 90 percent of U.S. ethanol plants are now using technology to partially extract some of the corn oil prior to manufacturing reduced-oil DDGS. This has resulted in a significant change in the nutrient proles among DDGS sources and created new questions related to energy and nutrient digestibility and feeding value for all animal species. Furthermore, during the past five years, scientists in the U.S. and around the world have conducted innovative research to enhance the nutritional benefits and overcome the limitations of using DDGS in commercial animal feeding programs.

This 4th edition of the U.S. Grains Council DDGS User’s Handbook provides a detailed, comprehensive summary with in-depth nutritional insights and new discoveries from over 1,500 published scientific papers since 2010. Animal nutritionists and producers around the world have become increasingly focused on designing precision animal feeding programs that improve caloric and nutritional efficiency to produce high-quality, safe and nutritious food products, while improving environmental sustainability in food animal production systems. Corn DDGS is a unique feed ingredient that is not only an excellent, abundant, and economical source of energy, protein, and phosphorus in diets for all animals, but it also contains many “value-added” properties that provide additional animal health and environmental benefits. This DDGS Handbook is intended to be used by anyone and everyone involved in the production, marketing, purchasing, and use of U.S. corn DDGS and co-products in animal feeds.