Midwest Poultry Consortium Awards Scholarships to Two Animal Science Undergraduate Students

The Midwest Poultry Consortium is pleased to award 2017 Center of Excellence (COE) scholarships to University of Minnesota students Elizabeth Theis and Mariah Huberty.

The scholarship will allow these students to take poultry focused classes during the 2017 summer, credits transfer back to University of Minnesota. They will also complete paid poultry internships afterwards so that they have the opportunity to practice the skills they learn in their classes.

Elizabeth is completing a second summer of COE classes this year and earning a Poultry Science emphasis. Tied to the 2016 COE classes, Elizabeth completed an internship with GNP in St. Cloud.  She currently works in the UM Poultry Nutrition Laboratory and is a member of the UM Gopher Poultry Science Club.

Mariah will be starting her COE experience this year.  She ran a small poultry business, Lofty Dreams Poultry, from her home. She currently works in the UM Poultry Nutrition Laboratory.

Congratulations to these students.