Midwest ARPAS Offers Professional Development Conference on Communications Skills

Midwest Chapter of American Registry of Professional Animal Scientist (ARPAS) will be offering a Professional Development Conference (PDC) to all animal scientists on September 18, 2018, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm at the Verizon Center in Mankato, MN – the afternoon prior to the Minnesota Nutrition Conference.

This conference will assist professionals in agriculture to rise to the top of their field through focus on key development skills beyond those traditionally taught through formal education. Participants will learn the value of continuous professional development as well as fundamental communications skills and their importance in a successful career. Additionally, participants will learn the importance of intent in communication, recognize the importance of building trust in professional relationships, practice effective listening and question asking, and complete a listening profile for a more personalized and interactive training. In short, this fun and engaging conference will train and develop skills implemented across various communication styles and can easily be applied in all areas of life.

Register early! The cost of the conference is $60 for ARPAS members through September 1; $75 for non-members and registrations after September 1 or at the door. Register on the ARPAS website or follow the link from the Minnesota Nutrition Conference http://mnnutritionconf.umn.edu/ website soon to be posted.