Alltech Young Scientist Program

Entering the program’s 13th year, Alltech will offer the undergraduate winner a fully funded 4-year PhD program to be agreed with the appropriate University and Alltech. We will offer the graduate winner a post-doc position in an Alltech Bioscience Centre (Dunboyne, Ireland or Lexington, US) for up to 2 years. In addition, winners are awarded cash prizes. Our 2016 graduate winner Dr. Richard Lally, now in the first year of his post-doc, shares his story at


Spread the word about this competition by encouraging bright, motivated students to apply. Please nominate an undergraduate and a graduate student to participate in the program by filling the attached nomination form. The deadline is Oct 31, 2017. Nominated students then write an agriscience research paper and submit it online (firm deadline December 31, 2017) to enter the competition. This competition is a major opportunity for students to get further experience during the competition itself, and also provides a major incentive for the winners.

Attached you will find information on the broad topics to be considered for submission, along with details on student registration and procedures for submission of materials. There are regional competitions from which the four finalists in both categories will be selected to take part in the final global competition in Kentucky, which takes place as part of ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, in May 2018. All finalists will have their travel and accommodation fully covered by Alltech to visit Kentucky. It is a very exciting opportunity! You can find out more at

NOTE:  Alltech does not take ownership of the research paper that students submit, but reserves the right to use only the title and abstract for promotional purposes.