2018 American Forage and Grassland Council Conference

University of Minnesota faculty and graduate students recently presented research at the 2018 American Forage and Grassland Council's Annual Conference in Louisville, KY.  PhD student Devan Catalano won the Emerging Scientist Poster Competition with her research "Yield, Preference, and Forage Nutritive Value of Winterhardy Perennial Ryegrass under Animal Grazing".  PhD student Michelle DeBoer placed third in the Emerging Scientist Oral Competition with her research "Glucose and Insulin Response of Horses Grazing Alfalfa, Perennial Cool-Season Grasses and Teff Across Seasons".  Graduate students Amanda Grev and Amanda Reiter also presented research on "Quantifying Morphological Development and Forage Nutritive Value of Stem and Leaf Fractions for Reduced Lignin Alfalfa" and "Plasma Amino Acid Concentrations of Horses Grazing Alfalfa, Cool-Season Perennial Grasses, and Teff".  Krishona Martinson, Equine Extension Specialist, helped organize the first equine-focused workshop titled "Taking the Guesswork out of Horse Pasture Management" and during the workshop presented research on "Grazing Alternative Forages in Horse Pastures".