Student Judging Teams

Dairy Cattle Judging

The University of Minnesota Dairy Cattle Judging Teams have been highly successful in national and regional contests over the years with teams as well as individuals often placing in the top 5. PHOTOS

Dairy Challenge

The Dairy Challenge provides students the opportunity to work in teams to apply theory and learning to a real-world dairy by reviewing production and farm management data and conducting a evaluation of a farm operation. Teams then develop a comprehensive program and present their recommendations to a panel of judges. PHOTOS

Livestock Judging

The University of Minnesota Livestock Judging Team has won many individual and team honors over the years. Students have traveled nearly 25,000 miles through 15 states learning about the livestock industry as they prepared to compete in national and regional Livestock Judging contests. PHOTOS

Poultry Judging

Students of the Department of Animal Science have competed in Poultry Judging competitions in past years. With increased interest by students, the University of Minnesota looks forward to once again be represented in Poultry Judging contests. PHOTOS

Meat Animal Evaluation

The Department of Animal Science sponsored Meat Animal Evaluation Teams from 1968 to 1986. PHOTOS

Meats Judging

University of Minnesota Meats Judging Teams were competing from 1933 to 1993. In the last few years, Meat Science has grown and become more popular among students of the Department of Animal Science. Perhaps Meat Evaluation Teams will be formed in the future. PHOTOS

Wool Judging

The Department of Animal Science has a record of Wool Judging Teams competing from 1983-1987. PHOTOS