Animal Science Diversity & Inclusion Committee


To foster and sustain a climate within the Department of Animal Science in which individuals of every background and identity are empowered to succeed.


  • Increase cultural awareness and capacity in faculty, staff and students

  • Provide an environment in which all individuals feel represented and supported

  • Serve as a resource for any questions or concerns related to diversity and equity in the Department of Animal Science


The changing nature of animal agriculture and society’s relationships with animals demands a global perspective. Thus it is critical to promote diversity and inclusion in our department to enable animal scientists to be productive and responsible citizens in society. The Animal Science Diversity and Inclusion committee is comprised of a group of faculty, staff, and students committed to fostering the values of inclusion, diversity and equity within the Department of Animal Science.

Our current areas of focus deal with integrating the principles of inclusion and equity into departmental teaching, research, and overall climate. Click here to see our past and current initiatives.


Staff and faculty: Andres Gomez, Laura Mauro, Milena Saqui-Salces, Beth Ventura, and Susan Markgraf Janoski

Students: Kayla Law and Rielle Perttu (graduate); Chaya Gangsei and Zack Zamora (undergraduate)


Dr. Beth Ventura (chair)  612-624-9791 1364 Eckles Avenue Rm 225D, Saint Paul, MN 55108


Boynton Clinics: Mental Health
CFANS Office for Diversity and Inclusion
University of Minnesota Disability Resource Center
Graduate Student and Post Doc Alliance for Diversity and Inclusivity
University of Minnesota Office of Equity and Diversity
University of Minnesota Student Conflict Resolution Center