ANSC Faculty and Extension Educators Provide Impactful Programming at State Fair

4-H uses a wide variety of educational experiences to focus on fourfold development of youth and adults, and the Minnesota State Fair is the largest activity of the education program year. The education objective of the State Fair 4-H Program is to provide youth and adults the opportunity to interrelate experiences and to enhance individual development. U of MN Extension and Department of Animal Science faculty members support these objectives by offering dairy workshops and assisting in youth development activities.

This year the 2016 4-H State Fair Dairy Encampment had 419 participants. As part of the experience participants are required to attend one of eight educational workshops on the St. Paul Campus taught by volunteers and U of MN Extension and faculty members including Jim Salfer, Tony Seykora, Marcia Endres, Brenda Miller and Emily Wilmes.  Jim Salfer developed and organized a case study about a Minnesota dairy farm for the advanced students (grades 12 and 13), Betty Berning conducted the final interviews, and Jim Paulson assisted with scoring and tabulating the leadership scorecard for the dairy showcase. The goals for this specific educational program are to provide an impactful educational experience for the participants and expose 4-H dairy participants to faculty and the University of Minnesota campus. Brenda Miller conducted an evaluation of the workshop and on scale of 1 to 10 (1= not good, 10 = exceptional), 72% of participants rated the program ≥8. Tony Seykora and Jim Salfer served as co-chairs for the workshops.