ANSC Alumni Promoted to Executive Director of Minnesota Milk Producers Association

Reprinted as posted in ‘MN Milk” news

Lucas Sjostrom, Brooten, Minnesota, has been named executive director of the Minnesota Milk Producers Association, and will serve concurrently as director of industry relations for Midwest Dairy, leading the Minnesota Industry Relations team for the organizations.
The previous Minnesota Milk executive director, Bob Lefebvre, and associate director, Eir GarciaSilva, who have 16 and 13 years of service to the organization, respectively, remain with Midwest Dairy.
Lefebvre continues to serve as Midwest Dairy’s senior vice president of industry relations, but Sjostrom’s appointment will allow Lefebvre to focus on leadership for Midwest Dairy’s work across a 10-state region.
GarciaSilva has been promoted to vice president of industry relations for Midwest Dairy, providing strategic program direction and management for the organization’s 11-member industry relations team.
Both Lefebvre, Buffalo, and GarciaSilva, Monticello, will continue to assist in guiding Minnesota Milk, but with limited involvement in day-to-day operations. Shannon Seifert, New Ulm, is also a new member of the team serving Minnesota Milk and Midwest Dairy.
“Bob and Eir have essentially worked over a combined two decades to bring Minnesota Milk to where it is today,” said President Dave Buck. “We will miss their leadership and expertise, but are glad our contractual relationship with Midwest Dairy will allow us to call on them for advice.”
Sjostrom has been employed by Midwest Dairy and Minnesota Milk as government and policy relations program manager since February 2016. He previously worked for Dairy Herd Management and Hoard’s Dairyman magazines, and for Holstein Association USA, and completed his master's and bachelor's degrees in animal science at the University of Minnesota.