Golden Gophers “Rock” at Regional Meetings of Dairy Science Clubs

Forty-four of the 108 members of the Gopher Dairy Club traveled to the annual meeting of the Midwest regional association of dairy science clubs on February 3 & 4 in Brookings, SD.  The gathering was hosted by the South Dakota State Dairy Club.

The club and its members placed highly in competitions:

- 1st Yearbook (The Topline)

- 1st Electronic Yearbook (The Topline)

- 1st Website

- 1st team in Dairy Products Judging

- 1st (Annie Culbertson) and 2nd (Madelin Lindahl) individuals in Dairy Products Judging   


- Gabriella Sorg was elected to serve as the 2017-18 President

- University of Minnesota was chosen to host the 2018 meeting

Bonnie Rae, Administrative Specialist, serves as the webmaster for the club's website (ranked 1st again this year), and student members of the club are very appreciative of her ongoing contributions to the success of the club.  Bonnie was the 2012 recipient of the club's Distinguished Service Award.   Club adviser, Dr. Les Hansen, accompanied the 44 students for the weekend trip.


Group photo of the 44 members of the Gopher Dairy Club.

GDC members recognized during regional meeting of dairy science clubs (l to r): Crystal Siemers-Peterman (Editor, 1st yearbook and 1st electronic yearbook, The Topline), Annie Culbertson (1st individual Dairy Products Judging), Greta Tank (Associate Editor, 1st yearbook and 1st electronic yearbook, The Topline)