Dr. Ryan Cox wins 6th Annual Meat Lab Chili Cook Off

On Friday, November 17, 2017, the 6th Annual Meat Lab Chili Cook Off was judged in the Andrew Boss Laboratory of Meat Science to determine the next name to be placed on the Chili Chalice! A total of 60 faculty, staff, and students from the Departments of Animal Science and Food Science and Nutrition judged 8 different chili entries.

First Place: Ryan Cox
Second Place: Chris Faulk
Third Place: Jordan Juckel

A special thanks to those who entered chili this year, in numerical order:

#1: Dallas Dornink
#2: Jordan Juckel
#3: Melissa Palmer
#4: Chris Faulk
#5: Chris Vandongen
#6: Tristan McNamara
#7: Ryan Cox
#8: Scott O'Grady