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Refereed Articles

Faulk C, Kim JH, Jones TR, McEachin RC, Nahar MS, Dolinoy DC, and Sartor M. 2015. Bisphenol A-associated alterations in genome-wide DNA methylation and gene expression patterns reveal sequence-dependent and non-monotonic effects in human fetal liver. Environ. Epigenetics 2015 Oct 6. DOI:

Kumar N, Harashima H, Shweta K, Bramsiepe J, Wang K, Sizani BL, Bertrand L, Johnson M, Faulk C, Simmons LA, Churchman ML, Sugimoto K, Kato N, Dasanayake M, Beemster G, Schnittger A, and Larkin J. 2015. Functional conservation in the Siamese-related family of plant cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors. Plant Cell. 2015 Nov 6. pii: tpc.15.00489.

Faulk C, Barks AK, Sanchez BN, Zhang Z, Anderson OS, Peterson KE, and Dolinoy DC. 2014. Perinatal lead (Pb) exposure results in sex-specific effects on weight, food intake, body fat, and insulin response across the murine life course. PLoS ONE 9(8): e104273. pdf

Faulk C, Liu K, Barks A, Goodrich J, and Dolinoy DC. 2014. Longitudinal epigenetic drift in mice perinatally exposed to lead (Pb). Epigenetics 9(7): 934-941. pdf

Kim JH, Sartor MA, Rozek LS, Faulk C., Anderson OS, Jones TR, Nahar MS, and Dolinoy DC. 2014. Perinatal bisphenol A exposure promotes dose-dependent alterations of the mouse methylome. BMC Genomics 15:30, 1471-2164. pdf

Dolinoy DC and Faulk C. 2013. Introduction: The use of animals models to advance epigenetic science. ILAR Journal, National Research Council, Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources 53(3/4): 227-231. pdf

Faulk C, Barks A, and Dolinoy DC. 2013. Phylogenetic and DNA methylation analysis reveal novel regions of variable methylation in the mouse IAP class of transposons. BMC Genomics 14(1): 48. pdf

Faulk C, Barks A, Liu K, Goodrich JM, and Dolinoy DC. 2013. Early-life lead exposure results in dose- and sex-specific effects on weight and epigenetic gene regulation in weanling mice. Epigenomics 5(5): 487-500. pdf

McLain AT, Carman GW, Fullerton ML, Beckstrom TO, Gensler W, Meyer TJ, Faulk C, and Batzer MA. 2013. Analysis of western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) specific Alu repeats. Mobile DNA 4:26. pdf

Anderson OS, Nahar MS, Faulk C, Jones TR, Liao C, Kannan K, Weinhouse C, Rozek LS, and Dolinoy DC. 2012. Epigenetic responses following maternal dietary exposure to physiologically relevant levels of bisphenol A. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis 53(5): 334-342. pdf

McLain AT, Meyer TJ, Faulk C, Herke SW, Oldenburg JM, Bourgeois MG, Abshire CF, Roos C, and Batzer MA. 2012. An Alu-based phylogeny of lemurs (infraorder: lemuriformes). PLoS ONE 7(8): e44035. pdf

Meyer TJ, McLain AT, Oldenburg JM, Faulk C, Bourgeois MG, Conlin EM, Mootnick AR, de Jong PJ, Roos C, Carbone L, and Batzer MA. 2012. An Alu-based phylogeny of gibbons (hylobatidae). Mol. Biol. Evol. 29(11): p. 3441-3450. pdf

Faulk C and Dolinoy DC. 2011. Timing is everything: The when and how of environmentally induced changes in the epigenome of animals. Epigenetics 6(7): 791-797. pdf

Kasili R, Huang CC, Walker JD, Simmons LA, Zhou J, Faulk C, Hulskamp M, and Larkin JC. 2011. BRANCHLESS TRICHOMES links cell shape and cell cycle control in Arabidopsis trichomes. Development 138(11): 2379-2388. pdf

Kim JD, Kim H, Ekram MB, Yu S, Faulk C, and Kim J. 2011. Rex1/Zfp42 as an epigenetic regulator for genomic imprinting. Human Mol. Genet. 20(7): 1353-1362. pdf

Faulk C and Kim J. 2009. Position-based clustering of microarray expression data. Cold Spring Harb. Protoc. 4(9); doi:10.1101/pdb.prot5280. pdf

Faulk CD and Kim J. 2009. YY1's DNA-binding motifs in mammalian olfactory receptor genes. BMC Genomics 10: 576. pdf

Kim JD, Faulk C, and Kim J. 2007. Retroposition and evolution of the DNA-binding motifs of YY1, YY2 and REX1. Nucleic Acids Res. 35(10): 3442-3452. pdf

Koza RA, Nikonova L, Hogan J, Rim JS, Mendoza T, Faulk C, Skaf J, and Kozak LP. 2006. Changes in gene expression foreshadow diet-induced obesity in genetically identical mice. PLoS Genet. 2(5): e81. pdf

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Book Chapter

Faulk C and Dolinoy DC. 2013. Complex phenotypes: Epigenetic manifestation of enivironmental exposures in environmental epigenomics. In: Health and Disease. RL Jirtle and F Tyson (Eds.), Springer.

Invited Presentations at Professional Meetings or Conferences

Faulk C. 2015. Epigenetics: The technology, applications, results, and rewards. Michigan State University BEACON Center 2015. Oct. 9.  (Invited Talk).

Faulk C. 2015. Epigenetics and evolution. Michigan State University. (Sponsor, Kay Holekamp). Oct. 7. (Invited Talk).

Faulk C. 2015. Finding environmentally sensitive transposons with next-gen sequencing: BPA exposure in mice and humans. SOT Workshop on Toxicological Epigenomics, Soc. of Toxicology 2015. April 23. (Invited Talk).

Faulk C, Kim JH, Sartor MA, and Dolinoy DC. 2015. The epigenetic landscape of repetitive elements in mice and humans prenatally exposed to Bisphenol A. Soc. of Toxicology. March 22-26. (Poster).

Faulk C, Barks A, Liu K., Anderson OS, Goodrich J., Zhang Z, Sànchez B, Peterson K, and Dolinoy DC. 2014. Murine perinatal Pb exposure: Effects on physiology and epigenetic drift over the life course. Environmental Mutagens and Genomics Soc. Sep. 14. (Poster).

Faulk C, Barks AK, Sánchez BN, Zhang Z, Anderson OS, Peterson KE, and Dolinoy DC. 2014. Physiological effects of developmental lead (Pb) exposure on weight, food intake, body fat, and insulin in mice. Soc. of Toxicology. March 27. (Poster).

Faulk C, Barks AK, and Dolinoy DC. 2013. Phylogenetic identification of variably methylated transposons as biomarkers for early environmental exposures. Soc. of Toxicology, San Antonio, TX. March 10. (Poster).

Faulk C, Barks AK, Liu K, Goodrich J, and Dolinoy DC. 2013. Mice and perinatal exposures: Epigenetic effects on imprinted genes and repetitive elements. 8th Annual Michigan Metabolomics and Obesity Center Symp, Ann Arbor, MI. Oct 16. (Poster).

Faulk C, Barks AK, Anderson OS, and Dolinoy DC. 2012. Repeat driven metastability of DNA methylation in response to environmental exposures. Soc. of Toxicology, San Francisco, CA. March 11-14. (Poster).

Faulk C, Barks AK, and Dolinoy DC. 2012. Phylogenetic approach for the identification of DNA biomarkers of early environmental exposures. Developmental Origins of Metabolic Disease Symposium, Ann Arbor, MI. Oct. 5. (Poster).

Faulk C, and Kim J. 2009. YY1's DNA-binding motifs in mammalian olfactory receptor genes. Evolution: The Molecular Landscape 74th Annual Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitatie Biology, Cold Spring Harbor, NY. (Poster).

Faulk C, and Kim J. YY1-mediated regulation of olfactory receptor genes through DNA binding sites within ORFs. LSU Graduate Symposium. (Poster).

Faulk C, Kim JD, and Kim J. 2006. Retrotransposition and evolution of the DNA binding motifs of YY1, YY2, and Rex1. CBM2 Colloquium, Baton Rouge, LA. (Poster).


Faulk C. 2010. Evolution of YY1, YY2, REX1 and DNA-binding motifs in vertebrate genomes. LSU. pdf

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