Meat Science Laboratory:

The Meat Science Laboratory is geographically located betwen the Department of Animal Science and the Department of Food Science and Nutrition in the Andrew Boss Laboratory of Meat Science building (ABLMS). The Meat Science Laboratory is a modern meat processing facility capable of processing both red meat and poultry species. In addition to the extension, research, and teaching capacities that the laboratory serves, fresh and processed meat products are also made available for purchase by the university community and interested parties, and some products may be featured in other university dining venues and events. Visit the Meat Science Laboratory.

Research Laboratories:

Specialized laboratories provide modern equipment for basic science research. A broad spectrum of research, ranging from fundamental laboratory studies to farm-oriented applied projects, is conducted. Our current research areas include molecular, cellular, developmental, and growth biology, genetics (quantitative, molecular and functional), physiology and cell signaling, reproduction, nutrition (ruminant and non-ruminant), and production systems.

Animal Facilities:

Research and teaching facilities designed for practical studies in beef and dairy cattle, poultry and swine production are located on the St. Paul Campus. Additional large herds and flocks are located at agricultural Research and Outreach Centers (ROCs) in communities throughout Minnesota. The ROCs support research and enable the department to deliver education to the inner city as well as rural areas.

Conference & Event Facilties:

155F Haecker Hall
Capacity: 6-8
Phone: 612-624-2664

265G Haecker Hall
Capacity: 10-15
Phone: 612-625-8744
LCD & screen

305D Haecker Hall
Capacity: 3-5
Monitor, camera

365 Haecker Hall
Capacity: 20-24 u-shape;
24-30 classroom; 50 theater
Phone: 612-624-3468
LCD, screen & audio

375 Haecker Hall (Library)
Capacity: 12-16

430 Haecker Hall
Capacity: 10-20
LCD & screen

445 Haecker Hall (Computer Lab)
Capacity: 21

495 AnSc/VetMed Bldg
Capacity: 15-25

Livestock Pavilion
Arena: 4,722 sq ft
Grandstand seating: 1,482 sq ft

Questions? Please contact one of the following to inquire about conference and event facilities:

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