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Prospective Students

Is a major in Animal Science a good match for me?

If you are interested in...

... then Animal Science is a major you should explore!

Where will I work?

Our Animal Science major prepares you to work in settings like these:

What skills will I develop through this major?

You'll learn about the latest advances in animal health, production management, and marketing. You will study areas—such as commodity production, sales and services, basic science and technology, and business and marketing—to gain the skills necessary to turn a love of animals into a rewarding career. Here are a few specific skills you'll develop:

What if my career goals change?

Our Animal Science program is a broad degree that prepares you to excel in many careers not typically considered animal or agriculturally related. So if your goals change or you decide not to go on to veterinary school, there are many options you can pursue to have a fulfilling professional career.

How do I apply?

The University of Minnesota Office of Admissions handles all applications for undergraduate admissions to the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.

What about scholarships?

The University of Minnesota offers scholarships for incoming freshman.

See Curriculum Guides and Sample Plans on the Undergraduate Program page.

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