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Practical Techniques for Dairy Farmers

ANSC-Seykora-Practical Techniques  Book Cover

Bound copies of Practical Techniques for Dairy Farmers are no longer available. However, the 3rd Edition of the book is available here in pdf.

Questions may be directed to Dr. Tony Seykora, Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota, Telephone: 612-624-3448; Email:

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Practical Techniques for Dairy Farmers (2 MB)

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Pages i-iii (46 kb)

Table of Contents

Pages 1-19 (379 kb)

Calving Assistance
Resuscitating a Newborn Calf
Passing an Esophagus Tube
Identify Dairy Animals
Freeze Branding for Permanent Identification
Managing Hutches in the Winter
Removing Dewclaws
Removing Extra Teats
Tail Docking

Pages 20-30 (192 kb)

Surgical Castration
Bloodless Castration
Implanting Dairy Steers
Dehorning Calves and Older Animals

Pages 31-50 (311 kb)

Taking an Animal's Temperature
Tips on Giving Injections
Minimizing Calf Scours
Treating Pinkeye
Treating Ringworm
Lice and Mange Infestations
Treating Abscesses
Proper Handling and Storage of Injectables

Pages 51-56 (132 kb)

Tying Farm Knots
Making a Rope Halter

Pages 57-73 (462 kb)

Training a Heifer for Show
Clipping and Grooming for Show
In the Show Ring
Cattle Restraint
Working with First Calf Heifers
Handling Bulls

Pages 74-83 (172 kb)

Recognizing Heat Signs in Heifers
Using a Heat Detection Aid
Heat Synchronization
Artificially Inseminating Cows
Storing and Handling Frozen Semen

Pages 84-89 (113 kb)

Trimming Hooves
Treating Sole Abscesses
Using Footbaths

Pages 90-103 (221 kb)

Good Milking Management
Clipping Cows
Milking Equipment Maintenance
Proper Use and Care of Inflations
Detecting and Treating Mastitis
Sampling Forages

Pages 104 (6 kb)

Subject Index



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