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G. Allen Bridges

G. Allen BridgesAssistant Professor

Reproductive Physiologist (Beef Cow-Calf)

North Central Research and Outreach Center
1861 East Highway 169
Grand Rapids, MN 55744-3396
Phone: (218) 327-4490 Ext. 2011
Fax: (218) 327-4126


Research Interests


Reproductive Management of Beef Cattle. The beef industry in Minnesota is diverse in both size of operations and progressiveness of the operator in adopting new technologies and management strategies. Given this diversity, and to assist all producers regardless of scope of their operation, Dr. Bridges has developed three key areas to focus his beef cattle extension programming; 1) providing producers with information on sound reproductive management practices, 2) developing and implementing management strategies to reduce input costs while maintaining reproductive efficiency, and 3) relaying information on the benefits of adapting progressive reproductive technologies and management practices such as estrous synchronization and artificial insemination. 



North Central Research & Outreach Center

Beef Extension